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The following information has been provided by: Reservoir Veterinary Clinic

Did you know that an unbalanced diet can make your puppy ill?

Dogs and puppies need to eat a BALANCED diet if they are to grow, mature and live a full and healthy life.

Besides a bit of scavenging, our pets get to eat only what we offer. We as owners will consider cost, availability, type e.g. moist or dry and whether they wish to make it themselves or buy it ‘complete’.

A common error is to feed excessive meat in the diet. Meat lacks fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and is high in phosphorus and low in calcium. Adding various vegetables will not make it a ‘complete and balanced’ diet.

Dry foods have advantages such as: store easy, don’t become unpalatable if left on the plate, tend to be less expensive, are well tolerated AND importantly are better for their teeth as they encourage CHEWING.

Marrow bones and raw-hide chews should also be offered from early puppyhood to encourage the proper development of this behaviour.

Different types of foods can be mixed together, but adding meat (of any variety) or table scraps in significant quantities will detract from the ‘balance’ of the diet. A fully complete and balanced diet is very important to growing puppies.

Note: Just because your puppy appears to be fussy and only wishes to eat ‘roast chicken’ for example, does not mean that we should give into it. Good eating patterns should be established early in life. It can be very difficult to change it late! This is especially true in the ‘toy’ breeds.

The result of bad diets are bone deformities, fractures and bad teeth. The diet even plays an important role in the development of hip dysplasia.