Elegant Dog Grooming Service





It is essential to keep your dog groomed between professional grooming sessions as this will help your dog look and feel good. It will also give you the chance to assess your dogs skin and coat condition. How often you need to groom your dog depends on the type of coat and size of dog.

Brushing a long coated dog will help keep him matt free and if your dog is short coated, brushing can also help stimulate the blood flow which in turn helps your dog to feel more relaxed. Brushing also helps to remove loose coat and loose under coat. The type of brush you need, depends on the type of coat your dog has.

When brushing, it is ideal to check for burs, grass seeds etc as these can be a danger to your dog if they eventually move towards the skin. Any foreign material that eventually moves into the skin, can cause skin infections and the problem and be costly to cure but most of all, it is so very painful for your dog. Also check in between the paws as again, foreign matter can cause pain and infections if it penetrates the skin.

We retail several types of brushes, combs and slicker brushes. Ask us to choose what would be suitable for your dogs coat type.

If your dog is very badly matted, do not attempt to trim with scissors as it is so easy to cut into the skin and you may end up having to get the skin stitched up. Matts are dangerous to cut with scissors as they are very close to the skin and it is virtually impossible to see the skin through the matted coat. The only method to get the coat back to it's proper state, is a good clipping and it would have to be clipped short as thick blades on a clipper will not glide through the matted coat. Matts cause your dog to feel very stressed and uncomfortable as it pulls on the skin as your dog moves.

It is also good to brush your dog's teeth to keep gingivitis and built up of tartar under control and most of all keeping your dogs breath fresh! We retail toothpaste designed for dogs as well as toothbrushes to help you brush his teeth.

Nail Picture

Check your dog’s nails especially if your dog is indoors mostly as they can grow long and turn into the skin, which can cause infection as well as discomfort for your dog. Do not attempt to trim them unless you know how to because unlike human nails, dogs have what is called the quick (vein) which can bleed profusely if trimmed incorrectly. It is also very painful for your dog and he will most likely yelp if you try. When nails are clipped properly and regularly, it prevents the quick to grow longer which means you can keep tidy short nails on your dog.

Most small dogs need their eyes cleaned regularly especially if they have very teary eyes. You can trim these if there is a build up of tears with a special pair of curved edged, small scissors. We also retail eye cleaning solutions which you can use to clean and help to whiten the stains.