Elegant Dog Grooming Service




Patsy     Patsy
Patsy the retired show dog!

As promised, please find attached a pic of KOOKLA who was
groomed last Thursday and very happy of her new appearance (as seen in pic).
We are very pleased with your friendly and professional services.


Rosie's "mum", Carmel says: "A yorkshire Terrier is...tiny but...'ALL DOG'...lol...well mine thinks she is a
PERSON I have to remind her now and then that she is a Dog...lol. Some can be hypo and
some very quiet I have had both at times, but I have never come accross a yorky with an unpleasant
nature, all of mine have been loving and very, very friendly and very intelligent, as all breeds. Here is my sweet Rosie!"
Rosie      Rosie
Rosie just had a bath!       Rosie says "Will you come and play with me?!!"

Prince Charming dreaming after his
grooming session with us!

Jasper and Lucy     Jasper     Jasper and Lucy
Lucy & Jasper                               This is Jasper when he was a little                              Jasper & Lucy all grown up!!
chap - one of his ears made a valiant                    
attempt at sticking up for a brief time                     
but it took too much energy so he just                    
let it flop & they have stayed that way                   
ever since!                  

Bessy, Bell and Bo
Bessy, Bell and Bo - loved by Susan & Shane


This is 'Magic' posing for her portrait
before heading off to a SACA. Agility
awards presentation
(the equivalent of her 'Prom' photo)
Magic in full flight
competing in Agility!

Photos provided by Julie of Collieston Rough-coat Collies