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Grooming (Clipping)

Pitir with a Bikini clip

We provide full grooming services for all breeds with a variety of style clips. A hydro-bath is required as it helps remove dead skin cells and loose coat and this is included in the price.

If your dog has special shampoo needs, we can accommodate this, except for prescription medicated shampoos, which you will need to provide. We have a variety of very high-quality herbal and medicated (non-prescription) shampoos available.

We ensure that only the best products go on your dog's skin and coat. In fact, you can even choose the shampoo you would like us to use on your dogs coat.

You are always welcome to stay and watch your dog being groomed and if you have any suggestions, please let us know as it will only help us to provide a better service for you and your dog.



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