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Hydro-bath with Ruby
Hydro-bath with Ruby

Drying off Rocca in our
Drying off Rocca in our mobile salon

Jiji with pink pompoms
Jiji with pink pom poms...

Jiji with pink nail polish
... and matching nail polish.

The hydro-bath is like a spa-bath, only it’s designed specifically for dogs of all sizes. Your dog will feel wonderful as the hydro-bath actually massages (with the pressurised water) and removes dead skin cells and loose coat. This also helps to increase your dogs blood flow, which in turn helps him to feel relaxed. All baths include premium shampoo specific to coat type and skin condition, as well as total body drying. Also included is a nail trim, ear cleaning and ear plucking with eye cleaning (especially for dogs with teary eyes).

All towels are used once and washed with disinfectant as well as washing powder with fabric softener, so our towels are fresh and soft for each dog we groom.

Our services include both salon and mobile grooming. We have a fully equiped mobile salon with hydrobath, dryer, warm water tank and grooming table. So we can come to you if you are unable to bring your dog to us.

We can colour your white Poodle in your favourite colour! We use only vegetable dies suitable for your dogs coat. We can even nail polish your dogs nails (suitable for Poodles).

We can also provide massage and aromatherapy for dogs.

We do all hand-drying, no cage drying as this allows us also assess the skin condition and give a quality finish service. We use high-velocity forced air dryers to speed drying time and give a beautiful, easy to clip coat finish. Forced air also helps decrease dematting as the dryer assists to do the work painlessly, as is stripping out of dead undercoat, which can be painful.

Whilst drying your dog, we deodorise him with masculine colognes for the boys and feminine colognes for the girls which assist in keeping your dog smelling fresh longer! You can choose from a variety of colognes which we also retail.


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