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Malcolm Studios
Dog portraits – Malcolm Studios, specialist in canine art


Reservoir Vet Hospital


Waverly Cottage
Holiday with your pets with 3 bedroom cottages, lake views and dog friendly beaches.


Do you want to choose a pet and not sure what breed to get? Choosing the right dog can be difficult if you are not sure that you want a
small, large, long coated, short coated etc. Click onto the following links to help you choose the suitable breed dog or cat for your needs:





Do you need some dog health related information? Check out the following website:


Do you want to know your dog's real age? No more multiplying by 7 years to learn your dog's age in people years. The DogAge Test
measures your dog's biological age, based on your dog's health, breed, risk of disease, and behaviour. The test takes approximately
10 minutes however the information it accumulates is not just your dog's age but also about your dog's health - once you have
entered the information, it gives you the age and some important advice about how well you are looking after your dog and if you
need to improve anything example feeding and exercising:



The following sites promotes socially responsible pet ownership and have loads of pet related information:





This is an Australian website with loads of pet information and directories for holiday'ing with your pet - you can look
for pet friendly accommodation - looking for a dog groomer in your area? Looking for a leash free area for your dog?
How about pet minding, animal transport, kennels and catteries:


Holistic Animal Medicines - you can find lots of information on optimum pet health, pet diet, pet medicine store:


My Pets
My Pets - Pet Information Portal


Dog Food, Pet Supplies & Accessories
Pet Deli.com.au is a supplier of premium & holistic dog foods and cat foods. Our brands are Eukanuba, Iams, Hills Science Diet, Advance
and Eagle Pack. We also offer dog walking and pet minding / sitting. Easy home delivery Australia Wide.


NW Dog Agility
Dog agility equipment and dog training products